Important notice

On Monday evening (23/03/2020), President Cyril Ramaphosa announced swift action in curbing Covid-19 in South Africa. In our aim as Qualitas Training Pty LTD- to prepare for this lock-down- the following measures will be put into place:

All trade testing, ARPL assessments, preparation and all other services which fall under the trading of Qualitas Training are officially cancelled for the 21-day lock-down and will be postponed until all business functions resume to normal. All red seal certification queries and outstanding certificates will be revisited upon return to normal business function as announced by his Presidency. All training and other services already paid for will resume upon normal business function. Candidates who have been given scheduled test dates will be given first priority upon return to normal business function. We urge you to please contact us via email for urgent matters only. Please do not contact us with regards to serial numbers or certificates up until the end of the lock-down.

An important notice to all the workplaces: We kindly request for all workplaces to please adhere to his Presidency's list referring to essential workers and businesses who will still remain open during this time. As host employee, Qualitas Training humbly requests that you adhere to the restrictions and measures put in place during this time. We ask that you please do not request any of the apprentices to work during this lockdown as many are using public transport and are at high risk.

We hope you keep safe and healthy during this time.

For COVID-19 updates, visit official government website