About Us

QUALITAS TRAINING is an accredited decentralized Training
and Trade Test center. We specialize mainly in technical trades
such as motor and diesel mechanic, welding, electrical and auto
electrical. We are accredited by the QCTO as a skills
development provider as well as a trade test centre.
We craft artisans for the future and we do this through training
that is beyond standardized classroom set ups. We believe in
equipping each individual with both practical and theoretical
components. Hence for every theoretical module taught, there is
a practical demonstration counterpart. Students get a chance to
work with the equipment, to witness the theory come to light
and to then get a better and deeper understanding of the trade at

Our facilitators are interactive. They are on the workshop floor
guiding our learners every step of the way through
demonstrations and lectures. This approach to training ensures
a broad aspect of understanding, meaning that our learners
leave our center with the ability to implement the newly
acquired skills, be it for personal development or even in the

With the latest inception from the Government and its aim to
qualify 30 000 artisans annually, we have created programs
which will assist in bridging the gap between critical skills,
unemployment and poverty. South Africa is facing many critical
skills shortages as well as a brain drain where we are finding
many qualified artisans leaving SA to explore opportunities
abroad. It is essential we provide programs that assist in
shrinking the critical skills gap as this will cause a chain
reaction in every other aspect of the economy and social issues.
It is crucial that the inequalities of the past are justly mended.
We aim to do this by dually assisting governments aim in

producing artisans who will aid in critical skills, who will break
the cycle of poverty and unemployment and who mend the
cracks of the economy.


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